Not Sponsored Sustainable Surf Wear Street made from Bamboo and RPET Australia's Sustainable Surf Brand - Recycled Plastic into Boardshorts, Sand Free Rapid Dry Beach Towels and Backpacks plus Bamboo & Eco Clothing

Who is Brad Manuel?
A father of 3, a husband, a guy who is blind in one eye from an accident at the age of 17, a guy with titanium clips in both eyes, an internationally renowned magician, comedian & Inspiring Speaker who has performed his headline show "Funny Tricks" in Las Vegas and in over 30 countries around the world and also a guy who is a "medical anomaly"!

In 2009 Brad was struck with a severe neuromuscular condition that attacks his motor neurone's and limits his motor skills, it caused major muscle atrophy and at one stage he could not even do up buttons on his shirt or even hold a pen let alone doing sleight of hand tricks as a magician-He went through an exhaustive process of specialists and was told by a number of "specialists" he only had around 12 months to live! Sounds heavy we know, but fortunately this original prognosis was proven wrong and Brad continues to prove it wrong on a daily basis. He has a full on daily physical and mental regime that he does to keep on top of this condition that starts from the moment he wakes up with a series of neural and physical exercises to get everything firing again and once his body is moving he's all good. He surfs, climbs mountains, and even does crazy obstacle courses like Tough Mudder. He lives life and makes the most of it with the support of his family, wife Bryony and kids, Blake,Travis and Shawna.
To find out more about Brad's story check here:
Brad Manuel is the driving force behind Not Sponsored, originally from Townsville in North Queensland where there's NO SURF just box jellyfish and the odd croc, Brad moved to The Sunshine Coast when he was 19, where a couple of new mates took him out for his first surf in a solid 4ft beachie and had a great time watching this North Queenslander getting smashed. But despite getting hammered Brad was determined to become better at this sport and was hooked. 35 years later he's still a surf tragic, surfing almost every day and still is just stoked to be in the water in the Not Sponsored Surf gear
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Why "Not Sponsored"
One day after Brad had a pretty epic surf session in Puerto Escondido Mexico testing some concept gear, Brad was asked by one of Mexico's top pros in the surf "who he was Sponsored by" Brad and surf mate Rachel were laughing about the "skills" (or lack of skills) shown during the session when Brad said I'm "Not Sponsored" and it clicked… The name was born!

Why Bamboo gear?
Brad has a pet hate! That's getting on a plane and getting hammered by the smell of BAD B.O.! With the amount of travelling that Brad does he's aware that sometimes you can't avoid it, especially after a long trip so he wanted something very low maintenance, durable, travel friendly that didn't stink like cotton or polyester. He also wanted something environmentally sustainable and naturally anti bacterial and bamboo checks all the boxes, as a bonus it's hypoallergenic so great for people with skin sensitivity. It also dries pretty quickly so its perfect for surf trips in warmer climates where you're constantly in and out of the surf.

Why Recycled Fabric for shorts and towels?
Seriously? Why Not? Why add to the problem, why not try and repurpose some of the waste we've already been producing? It is "staggering" when you think about how much PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is out there already produced in the word as it's the most common plastic and used for most drink containers.

Recycled poly (rPET) uses around 60% LESS energy to produce as apposed to non recycled poly or virgin poly- That alone reduces the impact on our environment and our carbon footprint by a massive amount. There is literally millions of tons of plastic waste every year, so we figure we should do our bit to try and help repurpose some of it even on our small scale & we know we are not solving the problem but we are trying to at least repurpose some of it until someone a lot smarter than us surf bums can come up with a better solution… Because we think it's up to all of us individually to try and make a difference even on a personal scale every day.

Why Silicone Hold It Technology?
Check the acronym - That's why ha ha…
Brad was sick of seeing dudes butt cracks hanging out-Not just in the surf but in general!!!
So after a bunch of prototypes, he found a system that works well. S.H.I.T. What better acronym than that - Plus it says exactly what it is… The silicone in the waist band simply helps them stay in place better - Silicone Hold It Technology.


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I manage a surf shop that carries all the big name brands and NONE of them are anywhere near as good in quality let alone as Ethical and SUSTAINABLE as all of your Not Sponsored gear Brad. Fantastic work
P (Don't use my name or I'll be sacked lol)
Best Boardies EVER!!!
Amazing gear. Have bought shirts and shorts for the past two years. It’s lightweight, anti smell and lasts forever. Best gear ever - This stuff rocks! Do yourself a favour, get yourself some of these items. Highly recommend everything!!!
Hey Brad just letting you know package arrived today – Keep on keeping on – best shorts ever!!!  I have actually thrown out every other pair of shorts that my partner owned as he will only wear Not Sponsored shorts now!!
Best surf and gym clothes hands down. The bamboo is so comfortable and the boardies are incredible. They stay in place thanks to the silicone strip inside waist band. Awesome clothing!
Just made purchase of board shorts, dress shorts, singlet and ladies togs. Totally thrilled with quality and feel of these clothes!!!!
Happened by your stall at Eumundi Markets yesterday(19 May 2021), had a chat and bought a t-shirt and hoody. Never thought a tired old 65-year-old could get so enthusiastic about clothes but just love the look and feel of what you guys are producing. Incredible to wear and will definitely keep promoting to anyone who will listen.
Best Shorts EVER! Perfect for the surf and the Eco Gym Shorts are AMAZING! Perfect for the gym , you'll never have to adjust your shorts to squat again and the zipper pockets Brilliant... Just perfect!
Today we discovered this great clothes range. We bought a singlet and T-Shirt and are so impressed with the quality and feel of the bamboo/spandex material. It is exceptionally soft and comfortable and my boys have yet to take the shirts off!!! No ironing, and a natural anti-bacterial fabric, make it perfect for busy boys who sport constantly!
Have purchased a few items from Not Sponsored. Fantastic service, arrived within 2 days, great quality, I am loving the light shirts and boardies, perfect for the QLD summer and my recent Bali trip. Will definitely be picking up more, great product, great cause and it’s local. All 👌🏻👌🏻
MOST COMFORTABLE SHIRTS I'VE EVER WORN IN MY LIFE! You'll never want to wear another shirt!
Billy "Queenslander" Moore NRL Legend
I bought a couple of shirts a few weeks ago and would have to say they are the best shirts I have ever worn. They wear well, wash well, great for the gym, love the breathability and the fact that it is 95% bamboo. Generous in size and a good cut
I first saw these shirts at Alexandra Headland markets and thought they looked cool - fell in love when I touched the fabric - it was so soft .. Bought one straight away - the feel on your skin is amazing.. Best part, no sweat marks and that’s a huge thing for me and living in the coast.. Definitely buying again & again..
I met Brad and his daughter at Eumundi Markets and he explained the process and the fact that 10 plastic bottles goes into each pair of his board shorts. I bought a pair and they are the most comfortable shorts/boardies ever. No Plumbers crack, quickest drying shorts ever. Like the plastic bottles, they will last forever. So I also had to order a “Pair of going out boardies to go with your going out thongs.
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